Music Schedule

One of the highlights of the Nativity Exhibit is the live music!
Thursday, November 29th:
5:00pm- Natalie Christensen (piano)
5:30pm- Tate Christensen (piano)
6:00pm- Charlotte Graham (piano)
6:30pm- Emily Hale (violin)
7:00pm- Christmas Strings (string quartet)
7:30pm- Stephanie Billings (cello)
8:00pm- Dave West (flute) 
8:30pm- Carrie Duke & Avery Porter (violin & piano)
Friday, November 30th:
10:00am- Jamie Hunsaker (harp)
11:30am- Neita Nunn (piano)
12:00pm- Pam Reaves (folk harpist)
Live Music Break
5:00pm- Gayane Pogosyan (violin)
5:30pm- Sharon Turndow and students
6:00pm- Lovejoy Children's Choir & Willow Springs Middle School
6:30pm - Lovejoy High School A Cappella Choir
7:00pm- Rockbridge Church (choir)
8:00pm- Note-Ably North Texas (choir)
8:30pm- Bar None (barbershop quartet)
Saturday, December 1st:
10:00am- Lisa Ohrn (vocalist)
10:30am- Jenna Cisneros (vocalist)
11:00am- ACE (Allen Community Ensemble)
11:30am- Flutes of the Spirit
12:30pm- Dr. Alan Coffman (vocalist) 
Live Music Break
5:00pm- 15th Street Singers
5:30pm- F.C.C.C (choir)
6:00pm- FUMC Allen
6:30pm- Sang-In Han & Family
*Subject to change
Thank you so much to all these talented performers willing to share their gift of music with us!